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Not exactly real Scooby Snacks, Daphne corrected. Do you think I'll be able to make Velma happy? SHAGGY Velma I...Well, the truth is I... Scooby absolutely went to town on his drums and even howled along a bit. Beside her, Daphne slept quietly, her back turned, and so Velma took the utmost care not to wake her as she slid from the covers and headed for the door. Daphne had also retained her propensity for falling into trapdoors, martial arts master or no. Daphne giggled, and Velma looked over at her. Daphne greeted them enthusiastically, showing them in while Scott moved to take their coats and Scooby gathered up the gifts. Velma asked, an uncertain tone coloring her voice. At this Ethan turned and looked at the vent and then at Scooby. The sound of somebody coming down the stairs made them both turn, just in time to see Daphne walk through the door.

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