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Scooby arrived in the door at their heels, having first given himself a good shake to fling off some loose snow from his fur. Because he does, Daphne answered without hesitation, and then was startled to see Velma's pondering look upon hearing her words. I'm not sure admitted Velma frowning at the pad. Scooby, Shaggy anfd Scrappy get into it with a bunch of tough truckers. Velma knew immediately from his closeness and from the tone of his voice that he was flirting with her. I've already forgiven you for that, Freddy, she assured him, the use of his nickname confirming it in his mind. That means Velma's family will be here too... So much for man's best friend, he added, as Scooby forgot all about his earlier reticence and took to checking himself out in any reflective material in the room. Looking over at the old man, Shaggy didn't feel as old as he should. Scooby was undoubtedly the most excited of the group and leapt up, dancing on his hind legs and clapping as Freddy placed his stocking in front of him. Yabba, Scrappy, and Dusty track down an infamous escape artist.