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This is The Simpsons fuck being every other show on television, and while it's nice to see it being done so well, it's all been seen before. When Lurleen tries again, he realizes that he cannot do that to Marge or his family. Homer almost comes to the realization that alcohol might be the cause of all his relationship problems with Marge, when Moe loads him up more drinks and eventually takes him to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. This episode was like an opened-up time capsule for me, and because of that, it's difficult not to give it an A+ just at the sheer joy of knowing there was still 22 minutes of unknown and undiscovered Simpsons sex hilarity I hadn't experienced. Marge acting so out of character is just... Homer's new boss, Hank Scorpio, is about the greatest guy on the planet. Homer applies at a bunch of colleges, but they all reject him. But to top off this incredible mix of everything The Simpsons porn does right, there's the sheer brilliance of John Lovitz's guest-starring role. Rainer Wolfcastle is a fairly underused character, and it's great to see him, as well as to see Kent Brockman's Eye On Springfield bit. The Simpsons celebrate, creating a lot of garbage. The writers really understood Homer is perfect (perfect) for a sub-plot, and he carried an excellent one.

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