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Nude Simpsons Information Ah well, I guess it's an improvement over the Family-Guy-esque episodes we've been seeing of late (no offense to Family Guy, it's just not The Simpsons). The flashbacks to Homer were very funny, I wish there had been more of them. Ray Patterson refuses to come back and replace Homer. Season 9 is when The Simpsons XXX Action first began to show signs of decline. Mr. Burns also has a hypnotist work with the team and he tells Don Mattingly to get rid of his sideburns. One day real Hell's Satans leave with Marge and Homer goes to try to find her. Homer pulls a prank on Barney that puts him in danger, leaving only Homer to save him. Two Bad Neighbors The Simpsons porn have a garage sale one boring weekend and here we first meet Disco Stu. Bart finds himself in the remedial program at school with a kid who lights fires. That's all before the single most famous scene in Simpsons history, however - Homer attempting to jump the Springfield Gorge on a skateboard. He can't let Marge know, so they blackmail and torture him.

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