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It seemed as if the writers had to trade away the normal Simpsons porn jokes in favor of a plot that worked and made sense. I've always had a soft spot for Lisa, and if there's any character who can instantly bring an episode's quality up, it's her. Homer rushes to the plant and to try shutting down the reactor manually. Also, when the Simpsons fuck follow Greta and Wolfcastle to Canada where his new movies being shot, I don't know about you all, but I wanted to hear more Canada jokes. And it's always great to see Bart and remember why he truly is this century's Dennis the Menace... Homer decides to become a chauffeur to earn money and pay back his debt and one of his fares is Mel Brooks. But it would most likely fall apart if the newfound, mysterious object of Bart's affections weren't so ably portrayed. I recall only chuckling a few times, and only because I felt like I had to, this being the Simpsons XXX Action, and all. Full of laughs, satire, insults of my least favorite family, and Homer being both stupid AND funny (gee I wish I could see that nowadays) combines for a great time. The Simpsons made their full-length episode debut in this episode, and a legend was born. Lisa coming along to find a place she can really learn!

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